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Denisa Butnaru*
Alfred Schuz and Charles Sanders Peirce- on the Logic of "Vagueness" and its Challenge for a Sociology of the Life-World

* 早稲田大学シュッツ文庫研究員、ストラスブール第二大学/マルク・ブロック大学博士候補生
  • 日時:6月23日(土) 16:00~
  • 場所:早稲田大学 社会科学部共同研究室4(西早稲田キャンパス14号館10階1060室)
  • 報告要旨:
    By making a plea for the logic of "vagueness", we try in the present text to set an accent not only upon the indeterminacy of the processes that contribute to the delineation of this logic, but also to consider the instances involved within the creation of such processes. In the comparison of the two tendencies that we have chosen, the sociology of knowledge of Alfred Schutz and the semiotics of C.S. Peirce, we have brought some arguments that could support the idea of processuality that always accompanies the realization of knowledge. The theory of belief and that of inquiry, the logic of abduction, as well as the theory that discusses the constitution of the stock of knowledge and the typifications that are inherent to it, correlated to the constant presence of the Otherness, are all arguments that contribute to point out how the" incompleteness" of our knowledge is perpetuated, and consequently, how these elements sustain the maintenance of a constantly open horizon of possibilities in our determination of the world.

  • お問い合わせ先:
    • 木村正人(早稲田大学シュッツ文庫)
    • 早稲田大学シュッツ文庫:http://www.waseda.jp/Schutz
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