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[] Girl Time in Contemporary Japanese Consumer Culture  Girl Time in Contemporary Japanese Consumer Culture - 日曜社会学>社会学的告知 を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク -  Girl Time in Contemporary Japanese Consumer Culture - 日曜社会学>社会学的告知  Girl Time in Contemporary Japanese Consumer Culture - 日曜社会学>社会学的告知 のブックマークコメント

The Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University is pleased to invite you to a special lecture.

"Girl Time in Contemporary Japanese Consumer Culture"
Dr. Tomiko Yoda

Duke University, Associate Professor in Asian and African Languages and Literature Author recently of JAPAN AFTER JAPAN: Social and Cultural Life From the Recessionary 90s to the Present. Duke University Press, 2006.
  • July 17th, 5:30 pm
  • Bldg #10, room 301
    Sophia University, Yotsuya Campus
  • Admission open to all and without charge

A major theme of my ongoing research project is to consider how a period in female lifetime, spanning roughly between low teens and motherhood (what I refer to as the "girl time"), became the paradigmatic temporality of consumption in the post-1960s Japan. In this paper, I turn to a number of female-targeted medias in order to examine how girl time was articulated as a continual phase in female life-course with shared affect, aesthetics, and fantasies. In particular I pay attention to the spread of romantic and girly taste and sensibilities as form of commodity aesthetics heavily promoted not only to teenage girls but also to young adult female consumers. In order to analyze the process through which girly aesthetics grew into a pervasive idiom of contemporary Japanese mass culture, I suggest that we may need to engage with a broader media-historical context than existing accounts of "cute culture" have.

If you have any questions, please contact David Slater (d-slater[atmark]sophia.ac.jp)

[] Cafe Scientifique Tokyo:二酸化炭素を減らす!?――CO2隔離ってなに?  Cafe Scientifique Tokyo:二酸化炭素を減らす!?――CO2隔離ってなに? - 日曜社会学>社会学的告知 を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク -  Cafe Scientifique Tokyo:二酸化炭素を減らす!?――CO2隔離ってなに? - 日曜社会学>社会学的告知  Cafe Scientifique Tokyo:二酸化炭素を減らす!?――CO2隔離ってなに? - 日曜社会学>社会学的告知 のブックマークコメント

via 中のひと http://cafescientifique.jp/


二酸化炭素隔離技術、聞き慣れない言葉ですが、はたして地球温暖化対策の切り札になるのでしょうか? 今回もまた、面白い議論になりそうです。



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